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Lie on the beach, chill out and earn coins by holding

Our dream is to create a token that will enable easy to understand education about crypto space. Learn how we want to achieve it below.

Top-tier team

We’re a team of creatives and professionals. Our marketing will be the best crypto world has ever seen.

Rewards for holding

Do you like to just lie on the beach and not worry about anything? Now it’s possible! All you need is just some $Summer coins and a beach of your choosing.

Liquidity locked and rug-proof

Are you tired of all those scam coins flooding the market? All they want is your money. All WE want is you chilling out in the summer from your $Summer coins.

How it works

We’ve designed $Summer to have the best usability in terms of our goal:

On every transaction, there is a 10% tax.

4% distributed back to holders, rewarding diamond hand owners (this also triggers automatic burn because the dead wallet will also receive tokens, creating scarcity on the market)

4% automatically added to liquidity to create a stable pool

1% switched to BNB and added to a disclosed charity wallet

1% switched to BNB and added to a disclosed marketing & development wallet

Fair chances for everyone

Token distribution
We believe in fair chances for everyone. That’s why we didn’t assign any tokens to ourselves. We have to buy in like everybody else. This makes the coin much more stable – no 1 person will have a big % of the pool.

1,000,000,000,000,000 – full supply

50% – burned at the start

22,38% – reserved for pre-sale, fees and exploit prevention, distributed automatically after pre-sale

13,62% – automatically added to Liquidity Pool and locked until 21st of June 2022

1% – reserved for airdrops

The remaining 13% will be used for celebratory burns three times:

First burn (5%): after pre-sale

Second burn (5%): after passing 1000 holders – locked until 7 days after pre-sale

Third burn (3%): after passing 10000 holders – locked until 14 days after pre-sale

Liquidity and token locking will be done on DxLock, ensuring 100% security.

Check the proof of lock:

How to buy $SummerCoin after official start

It's easier thank you think!

A detailed guide will be available in this section after tokens official start.

1. Create a Binance (.com or .us)  account and buy BNB

2. Download MetaMask app or use a browser extension for desktop 

You need to set up the proper network using the tutorial here.

3. Withdraw BNB from Binance to your wallet

4. Open PancakeSwap

Go to and connect your wallet.

5. Select the $Summer token

Click on Select a currency and paste $Summer address – use only the one from our website: 0x92A839457520825Db384c9064C07b2f8139a8Ac4

6. Adjust your slippage to 12%

Click “Settings” at the top right, and set your slippage to 12%
(if there is a big demand at the moment you may have to go a little bit higher)

7. Enter the amount of BNB and buy

The only thing left to do is to enter the BNB amount you want to spend and click trade and then accept. You will need to save some BNB for the transaction fee.

8. You now own SummerCoin! Remember to join our Telegram.


The road to all-year-round Summer and what's coming up next

First weeks

The Road to Summer
We carefully planned the whole roadmap for SummerCoin. That involves:

A professional omnichannel marketing plan.

Community building involving our social media channels

The Great Summer Festival with #KeepSummerCool hashtag (stay tuned!)

More steps will be announced as we progress with SummerCoin. We’re finishing up work on our official 2021 and beyond Roadmap.

Tokenomics and development
Pre-launch marketing
DxSale Launch and PancakeSwap listing
Huge post-launch marketing
The Summer Festival event
CoinGecko, CoinMarketMap and exchanges

All-year-round Summertime -#KeepSummerCool

The Great Summer Festival
We’re planning to kick-off the Great Summer Festival in the middle of Summer. This will be a grand event for everyone who holds $Summer – or plans to do so! We will be combining it with charity auctions and events spreading climate change awareness.

It will involve a grand advertising campaign and even TV-grade advertisements.

We’re going to have SummerCoin raffles and the Grand Prize for the lucky winner.

We will also be revealing our first Charity donations so we can #KeepSummerCool and fight the global warming.

Also – Coconut Water!

First Official SummerCoin product!

Coconut Water. Yep. We're not kidding.
If you want to lie on the beach and chill out, then you have to remember one thing.


And now it will be easier than ever. We wanted to have something that’s both refreshing and reminds us of summer voyages. So here it comes – first Official SummerCoin product – our own Coconut Water!

All designs will be chosen by the community, so you can be involved with making it a reality.

At the beginning, we will be releasing it as a limited-edition alongside freshly minted commemorative NFTs.

Meet our Summer Team

Owner of a creative agency, Peter created a vision for $Summer as a cultural movement spanning deep outside of crypto world. His past experiences allow him to lead the cultural movement that $SummerCoin will soon become.

And his name is actually Piotr, but trust us, it will be easier for you to just call him Peter.


SummerCoin founder

To be revealed soon

To be revealed soon

Creative Director

To be revealed soon

To be revealed soon

Community Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

Who created $Summer?

$Summer was created by creative and advertising professionals who want to change crypto space for the better. As we have experience in education and advertising, we want to combine them to provide easy to understand crypto education for everyone. You can check founders identities in “Meet our Summer Team” section.

Is $Summer a good investment?

We believe $SummerCoin has a bright future and we’re commited for the long-term.We’re also doing everything we can to ensure that $SummerCoin growth is as dynamic as possible. However, we cannot guarantee anything – please do your own research before spending your money. Rremember the biggest rule of investing – don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Are my funds safe?

We’re using many safety features to ensure that your funds will be safe. Developers did not receive any tokens for free. Our devs have revealed themselves. Token liquidity is locked. The smart contract has been audited by an external company. Pre-sale and launch was planned to discourage wallets owning too much of the supply. If you want to know more – check our SummerPaper when it is released.

How do I buy Summer?

You can buy $SummerCoin on PancakeSwap. Need to know more? A step-by-step guide will be provided here after launch.

What sets $Summer apart from other tokens?

Lately, we conducted an experiment to see how safe is it to invest in new tokens. Sadly, many of them turned out to be scams or died quickly after launch. With $SummerCoin you can be sure that none of it will happen. We have a strong team that is commited to bringing our token to the whole Internet and beyond. Because we’re not planning on staying in the Internet. We want to go our in the real world.

What do I get for buying $Summer?

Not only you get to be part of $SummerCoin movement, you also earn tokens just by holding them. Thanks to a mechanism called Reflection, you will receive tokens for free every time others make a transaction. Along with the possibility of price going up, the longer you long, the more tokens you earn. We’re also planning our NFTs, products and real life events and they will be available firstly to $SummerCoin owners.

Have more questions?

If you still have some questions – join us on our Telegram.  We hang out there all the time and we can jump on a voice call if you want.

We will also be publishing our SummerPaper shortly, so stay tuned.

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